The first season of the franchise with the same name. Created and original idea by TonyDRuiz, we're Courtney, Eva, Geoff, Katie, and Sadie has been not existed to contestants.

Contestants and TeamsEdit

Crashing WavesEdit

Scorching InfernosEdit



¹: This person is not officially competing, but can be considered as a helper that can be eliminated.Edit

Elimination TableEdit

# Contestant Status Team Merge Status
25 Rodney

1st Voted Off

In The Day After YesterdayEdit
Crashing Waves


24 Leshawna

2nd Voted Off

In TwisterzEdit
Crashing Waves
23 Ezekiel

3rd Voted Off

In Monster FieldEdit
Scorching Infernos
22 Cody

3.5rd Voted Off

In Monster FieldEdit
21 Duncan

4th Voted Off

In TBAEdit
Scorching Infernos
20 Lindsay

5th Voted Off

In TBAEdit
Crashing Waves
19 Bridgette

6th Voted Off

In TBAEdit
Crashing Waves
18 Tyler

7th Voted Off

In TBAEdit
Crashing Waves
17 Trent
16 Cloie
15 Justin
14 Noah
13 Harold
- Jane
12 Owen Merged
11 Beth
10 Gwen
9 Alana
8 Jane
7 Lance
6 Heather
4/5 Matt
4/5 Destiney
3 DJ
2 Scott
1 Izzy

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